Surgical Rehearsal Platform (SRP)

THE Next Generation Neurosurgery Imaging Platform:

DSCN4331Dynamic and Interactive

The Surgical Rehearsal Platform reconstructs  CT and MRI images/scans (DICOM) into dynamic, interactive 3D models with life-like tissue reaction and accurate modeling of surgery tools. The SRP allows surgeons to plan and rehearse a specific patient’s case. The tissue reacts realistically to actions taken by the surgeon, allowing accurate pre-surgery rehearsal, permitting surgeons to “pre-live the future” of their cases.

Realistic View

The SRP shows the clip being applied on the aneurysm, allowing the surgeon to inspect and evaluate proper application of the clip from all possible angles. The aneurysm is squeezed by the clip demonstrating the tissue’s mechanical properties and realistic OR microscope visual characteristics (shadowing, texture).

Warren 5 April 2013.Open Platform

The SRP is designed to be an “open platform” allowing the further development and creation of case studies. Microvascular Decompression and Acoustic Neuroma modules are the next to be released.

System Specifications

Proprietary Software Package:

  • Patients’ studies (CT, MRI) transformed into dynamic and interactive simulated cases
  • Provided with pre-loaded studies; platform allows for development of additional cases
  • Accurate modeling of real surgery tools, clamps and other equipment


  • 3D / stereoscopic visual
  • Controllers
  • Desktop computer and portable/laptop system
  • Connectivity between systems to allow tele-mentoring and collaborative work

FDA Cleared (510k)

Surgical Theater’s Surgical Rehearsal Platform (SRP) was cleared by the FDA.

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