Number of Medical Centers Utilizing Surgical Theater Technology Continues to Grow; Now Includes West Coast

The Surgical Rehearsal Platform combines the science of aviation with CT/MRI imaging technology

CLEVELAND (February 10, 2014) – The number of hospitals using the Surgical Rehearsal Platform (SRP), created by Surgical Theater, LLC, continues to grow and now includes a major healthcare system in California. Some of the hospitals using the cutting-edge technology for complicated brain tumor and cerebral-vascular cases include University Hospitals Case Medical Center, Mount Sinai Hospital and Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

“Surgical Theater aims to allow each and every neurosurgeon the ability to “Pre-Live the Future” with an SRP. Using the SRP supports every neurosurgeon’s goal of providing their patients with the best possible outcome from what can often be delicate and complicated brain surgery,” said Moty Avisar, President and CEO, Surgical Theater. “Our team is honored to have top-rated medical institutions across the country realize the value of our product.”

Surgical Theater is applying flight simulation technology to brain surgery and has developed a software-based solution that combines the science of aviation with advanced CT/MRI imaging technology. The company’s SRP is a 3D imaging platform that allows a surgeon to perform a real-life “fly through” of surgery before the actual operation. The tissue responds “realistically” to actions taken by the surgeon, enabling accurate pre-surgery planning and rehearsal. The unique software utilizes flight simulator technology to permit the remote connection of multiple SRPs; participants anywhere in the world can simultaneously work together and practice the same case with real-time feedback and collaborate on the planning of a specific surgery case.

Since obtaining Food and Drug Administration clearance in February 2013, Surgical Theater has installed SRPs in leading research and teaching hospitals across the country. Surgeons using the technology are reporting that the images and dynamic and interactive modeling of the patients’ cerebral tumor and vascular cases provided by the SRP are unique in their precision. This precision is enabling surgeons to gain clinical insight that was previously unavailable and allowing them to perform enhanced planning and navigation of complex cases. Surgical Theater was also recently featured on CNN as a breakthrough technology in surgery:

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