City Stories: Cleveland Story

Today, in Cleveland, Ohio there are families receiving medical care to which they wouldn’t otherwise have access through advanced telemedicine built on a new and flexible ultra-fast network. New businesses are starting, and some of the most advanced health applications in the world are being developed for the next-generation of surgeries:

The story of Cleveland, Ohio is showing the American public that “the future” is possible right now, as Case Western University and its Case Connection Zone are creating some of the most versatile set of jaw-dropping applications built on a gigabit network anywhere in the world.

The city is also home to one of the most innovative young organizations in the United States, OneCommunity, that is expanding access and adoption to high-speed broadband networks across northeastern Ohio. Watch more about this extraordinary organization:

Other highlights for the city include:

  • In one formerly down-trodden area of the city, there is now a waiting list for apartments because of the neighborhood’s access to the gig network.
  • With 1/3 Cleveland’s women living with diabetes, Case Connection has worked through the hospital to provide extraordinary in-home care via 1080p video and doctor feedback mechanisms.
  • Proximity to the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center allows for multi-city demonstrations.
  • Surgical Theater” a surgical simulator, developed in part by University Hospital neurosurgeons, allows for realistic, interactive run-throughs of brain surgeries prior to actual procedures.


  • Gigabit App to Save Lives. New Surgical Theater created in Cleveland will help surgeons perfect high risk surgeries.
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