ISREAL21c: Better Brain Surgery, with Flight Simulation Tech

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Two Israel Air Force vets are behind the Selman Surgical Rehearsal Platform that lets neurosurgeons practice for difficult cases.

Just as pilots can use flight simulators to practice for difficult missions before setting foot in a plane, now brain surgeons can rehearse challenging microsurgical procedures before making a single incision.

Already in use at US teaching hospitals and soon to be available to practicing neurosurgeons, the Selman Surgical Rehearsal Platform (SRP) neurosurgery simulator generates 3D images from the individual patient’s standard CT and MRI scans. The lifelike preview shows how surgical instruments will interact with the patient’s tissue and how the delicate brain structures will respond.

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MEdSim Magazine: Haptics in Medical Simulation – Some Best Use Cases

Surgical Theater was referenced in a recent issue of MEdSim Magazine. Click “Expand” on the graphic below to read on pages 20 and 22.

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Surgical Rehearsal Platform Makes Virtual Operations Possible (MedGadget Interview)

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Medicine is continuously learning from other fields, perhaps the best example being aviation. It is from aviation that we gained the benefits of checklists, integrated ICUs and ORs, and – most recently – simulators. The first computer-based flight simulators came out 50 years ago and only now are we getting up to speed in terms of developing systems that enable surgeons to rehearse operations in advance. Continue reading

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